Wednesday, October 31, 2007

FREE Carbon Baseline for every property!

Australia’s Farmers want all political parties contesting the 2007 Federal Election to declare their hand on the trade in soil carbon credits.

The Carbon Farmers of Australia* – a farmers’ group dedicated to the right to trade soil credits – has thrown down the challenge to the major parties to tell the farm community where they stand.

“The CSIRO said recently that there is now no scientific or technical barrier to trading in soil carbon,” says Carbon Farmers’ Michael Kiely. Dr Jeff Baldock, Senior Soil Scientist from CSIRO and the Australian Greenhouse Office, told ABC Rural Radio listeners the only barrier was the current price of carbon and that in the foreseeable future primary producers could be making more from carbon farming than their traditional produce.

The Coalition has 4 fundamental demands:

1. Proper funding of scientific research to enable the emergence of a soil carbon trading scheme.

2. Remove all bureaucratic barriers to the trade in soil carbon credits.

3. Fund the soil carbon baseline measurement for every broadacre landholding in Australia so that every farmer knows their carbon score.

4. Make access to Federal Government funding programs and taxation concessions dependent on the direction of the soil carbon level of the individual land holding.

The world’s first Carbon Farming Expo & Conference will be held in Mudgee NSW on 16th-17th November, 2007. Leading government scientists and innovative ‘carbon farmers’ will reveal the range of methods and technologies for Carbon Farming that have been developed here in Australia.


Michael Kiely 02 6374 0329

*Carbon Farmers of Australia (CFA) is a non-profit company serving the interests of landholders wishing to trade the carbon they have grown in their soils. CFA is the trading arm of the Carbon Coalition Against Global Warming, the advocacy group formed in early 2006.

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