Wednesday, October 31, 2007

All farmers are sceptics. 100%.

It’s been a good week for the image of our industry. First we have Nationals Leader Mark Vaile saying the science of global warming is not yet decided. Next we have NSW Farmers Association (NFA) executive councillors Howard Crozier and Ian McClintock being applauded by 60 fellow NFA councillors at their bi-annual meeting in Sydney today for declaring that they have better advice on Climate Change than the United Nations and the IPCC. And that advice is this: man-made emissions are 100% not responsible for global warming. It’s a natural process.

And they announced that most farmers agree with them.

AAP says they rely on what they say is an emerging and eminent alternative school of climate change research which says global warming is almost entirely a natural occurrence.

Mr Crozier, a broadacre farmer near Canberra, declared that: "There is no possible link between this drought and man-made climate change.” Crop and sheep farmer Mr McClintock, from the Cootamundra area, says: "Farmers by and large are far more sceptical about the claims being made that climate change is almost 100 per cent man-induced, simply because we work the land and we know what goes on.”

“Otherwise, the broad spectrum of the scientific evidence is indicating that almost certainly the major component of the climate change we are experiencing is natural climate change."

There is a gap between city and country. Do all farmers believe this new theory? DO you?

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