Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Australian farmers to get soil carbon credits

Australian Minister for the Environment Greg Hunt just walked off stage at the National Carbon Farming Conference in Canberra today after announcing soil carbon will soon be a real option for Australian farmers.

1. Soil Carbon Sequestration through Grazing Management is now listed on the Positive List (which confers "Additionality" on the activity).

2. The Methodology Determination that will govern the process of producing abatement through grazing management will be ready for the start of the Emissions Reductions Fund on July 1 2014. It is measurement-based.

3. A system of buffers will provide self-insurance protection for farmers from losing money due to carbon reversals. This removees the danger of the 100 Year Permenance Rule.

Greg Hunt praised the people at the conference for their campaign since 2005 for soil carbon sequestration.

See www.carbonfarmingconference.com.au