Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Democrats back soil carbon trading

The Australian Democrats have released a soil carbon policy for the Federal Election.

While they are not likely to farm government, the Democrat's Action Plan for Land, Agriculture & Soil Carbon adds to the momentum as we come closer to our goal.

The main points of the Action Plan are:

“Deliver tax incentives to protect, promote, manage, rehabilitate, revegetate
and enhance habitat and natural resources.

“Set up carbon sequestration trading by including agriculture and land
management in environment markets such as emissions trading.

“Address salinity, land and water degradation, by progressing the National
Farmers Federation and the Australian Conservation Foundation

“Reinstate the CRC for Greenhouse Accounting

“Fund research into; methodologies to value soil carbon for trading purposes;
agricultural practices that use less fertiliser and restore soil carbon, and; the
impact of climate change on different regions and types of farming activity
Coordinate, align and integrate nationally all climate change, natural
resources, resource security, environmental sustainability and farm
management systems policies

“Promote and reward sustainable practices and innovation which enhance
productivity and economic returns to farmers.

“Establish education and extension programs to support farmers to better
manage for sustainability.

“Pay land owners to manage and protect areas of environmental significance
on private land

“Continue and expand Landcare, improve its effectiveness through good
science-based strategies and better assist volunteers with training and
coordination support."

We are still waiting for the Government's soil carbon policy - neither Environment Minister Turnbull nor Agriculture Minister McGauran have ever responded to our approaches and requests for meetings.

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coconaut said...

Tis exactly the sort of stuff why I am a member of the Democrats. Good solid, dependable, progressive, intelligent work based on science and consultation. What's not to like? Damn it people just need to vote for us.