Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Wanted: Experienced Carbon Farmers

The Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) is intended to reward farmers who can make sustainable increases in carbon levels in soil.

The CFI’s Integrity Standard known as “Additionality” dictates that only future sequestration will be rewarded. Existing stores will not.

Therefore farmers whose soils are already rich with carbon will be penalised for doing the right thing while those who punished the land until recently will be rewarded. A perverse outcome.

Opportunity: Investors see opportunities in the CFI for returns from agriculture in the emerging scenario of climate change and food security.

To realise the opportunity they need access to expertise in carbon farming, in particular, knowledge of soil carbon dynamics.

This creates an opportunity for experienced carbon farmers to participate in the rewards flowing from the CFI.

Consultancy: To meet anticipated demand for this expertise, Carbon Farmers of Australia is establishing a consultancy service with the following benefits for carbon farmers and investors:

· Advising the client on CFI opportunity and methodology requirements

· Matching client with consultant(s)

· Providing a framework for delivering the consultancy service

· Managing the consultancy relationship (where necessary)

Consultant’s Responsibilities: The Carbon Farmer would be required to perform the following tasks:

· Advise the Client on Property selection.

· Draw up a Carbon Farming Plan for the Property.

· Help set Benchmarks for the Plan.

· Help select a Manager for the Property.

· Direct the Manager in implementation of the Plan.

· Mentor the Manager.

· Report on progress against Benchmarks in the Plan.

This consultancy creates an opportunity for both Carbon Farmer and the Investor to benefit from the power of soil carbon increases to regenerate the landscape and play an important part in the global effort to soften the blow of Climate Change.

To register, call (02) 6374 0329 or email Louisa@carbonfarmersofaustralia.com.au

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