Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Are you CFI-ready?

1-Day CFI Course: New Dates Announced

"An Introduction To Carbon Farming and Trading" - FarmReady Approved*

BENDIGO 27/2/2012; WARRAGUL 1/3/2012; TARANG 5/3/2012; WAGGA WAGGA 12/3/2012

To register, call (02) 6374 0329 or email Louisa@carbonfarmersofaustralia.com.au

Course Contents:

What Is Carbon Farming? Why is it so important for the future of your community? What is the Carbon Farming Initiative? What does it mean for you? How will it change the way you farm? What activities are covered? What new opportunities for additional farm-based revenue are likely? What risks are involved? Farm-based emissions: what are they; how can they be reduced? Decision-making tools for Carbon Farmers. Soil Carbon – What is it? How does it benefit agriculture? Soil health, nutrition, production, and water efficiency… Planning tools and options to maximising carbon soil sequestration. Growing Soil Carbon: the role of the farmer, their animals, their plants, and the microbial communities. Opportunities and risk management. Safe, ethical soil carbon trading.

Presented By Carbon Farmers of Australia

• Campaigned since 2005 for farmers’ rights to sell farm carbon credits.

• Conducted the first study tour of the USA soil carbon industry in 2006

• Secured first order for Australian soil carbon from Chicago Climate Exchange 2006.

• Made first sales of Australian soil carbon credits in March 2007

• Organised the first “Soil Science Summits” between scientists and farmers 2007.

• Staged the world’s first Carbon Farming Conference, Mudgee 2007.

• Launched the first formal training program on soil carbon 2008.

• Helped secure $26 million in funds for research to soil carbon for trade 2009.

• Invited to FAO rangelands and conservation farming events USA 2008/9.

• Consulted by both Government and Opposition about farmer take up rates, 2010

• Invited to give evidence as expert witness to Senate Inquiry 2011.

• Methodology Proponents under the Carbon Farming Initiative 2011.

*FarmReady Approved - Farmers who qualify can apply for a 65% subsidy of attendance fee. (FarmReady program ceases in June 2012)

To register, call (02) 6374 0329 or email Louisa@carbonfarmersofaustralia.com.au

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