Monday, October 04, 2010

New ways to enrich soils

The Carbon Farming Conference and Expo at Dubbo on 27-28 October, has an astonishing line-up of soil treatments:
Coal or fly ash is available in vast quantities because power stations have mountains of by-product after coal is burned, most of which is buried in landfill. Scientists are testing different combinations to make controlled release fertiliser.
Chailings is charcoal made from coal mine tailings. Farmers have proved for themselves that production can be boosted by the application of raw coal dust. Chailings are processed for greater effectiveness.
Compost can create odor and take a great deal of turning to reach its point of peak effectiveness. But a new on-farm system eliminates both problems. Spray inoculant over the compost and it turns itself,
Exhaust fume burial is a novel approach to disposing of emissions by processing them into a fertiliser and wrapping them around the seed.
Soil biology stimulants or ‘triggers’ work by ‘waking up’ native microbes rather than by delivering the microbes to the soil. This means the stimulant can be delivered in a spray pass with herbicides. This makes it economic to treat broadacre operations.
Soil biology catalysts are agents that respond to the needs of the plant by delivering the correct nutrient when it is needed.
There are 30 speakers scheduled on the program.
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