Tuesday, November 25, 2008


24 November, 2008

A working group of the 2008 Carbon Farming Conference and Expo, organised by Carbon Farmers of Australia, has endorsed the statement of the UNITED NATION’S FOOD & AGRICULTURE ORGANISATION communiqué “Mitigating Climate Change” with the following:

“We confirm:

1. that agriculture can respond immediately to sequester carbon through capture and storage.

2. that agriculture should be provided with an opportunity to support the national and global climate management effort and

3. that soil carbon should be included in voluntary offset markets.

“We support the position taken by the National Farmers Federation and those national farm lobby groups arguing for Agriculture to play a positive role in Climate Change Mitigation.

“We request that the Commonwealth Government establish a CRC for Carbon Responsive Farming.

“And we urge the United Nations’ Food & Agriculture Organisation’s Crop & Grassland Service convene a meeting of conservation and carbon farming representatives in Australasia as part of its campaign for soil carbon offset trading.”

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