Sunday, May 18, 2008

Correction CarbonLink

This item was jumbled: A prominent big city climate change lawyer told me his firm was helping 2 or 3 different clients put together soil carbon operations. So we can be sure there are many more rushing to complete measurement systems and get them approved while sweating over clauses in contracts for farmers to sign. The most prominent of those jostling for position on the grid would be Terry McCosker's CarbonLink. When Terry predicted there would be ‘rivers of cash’ flowing from soil carbon he may have been anticipating some of the flow coming his way. We said this because we believed that the CarbonLink model required the landholder be an RCS member who has been practicing “Grazing For Profit” techniques. WE went on to say: "Fenceline comparisions, the methodology RCS is using, works on the assumption that the next door neighbour won’t be an RCS member. This might not be the case for long as membership of RCS is the ticket to the dance for CarbonLink. In other words, Terry has engineered his soil carbon operation to act as a funnel for his RCS consultancy. Clever." CarbonLink CEO Rod Rush denies the RCS precondition and says: "By the way, anyone can participate in the Carbon Link model including holistic management and carbon coalition devotees." We stand corrected.

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