Friday, November 27, 2009

The Denial Delusion Threatening The Soil Carbon Solution

In an age which has been so well served by science, it is astonishing how easily the credibility of our leading scientific institutions has been undermined by what could be described kindly as fringe conspiracy theorists. Official Science stands accused of falsifying data, manipulating findings, and hoodwinking all the governments and peoples of the world. Thousands of scientists are parties to this hoax, which they are perpetrating in order to enrich themselves by conning governments to spend increasing amounts on research.
This conspiracy has been uncovered by a small band of 'scientists' supported by right wing politicians and think tanks which claim that the hoax is an attempt by the Green Left to destroy western civilisation by deindustrialising economies and forcing us to live a medieval lifestyle like peasants. The "Cap & Trade" system is tagged as a 'massive tax on everything' to pay for a solution to Global Warming that will have no practical effect other than transfer wealth from developed to developing nations, from NATO nations to former enemy regimes China and Russia.
The "Denialists" have denied every aspect of Global Warming - that it is happening at all, that it is man-made, that it can be managed or reduced, or that it is anything more than normal variations in weather conditions. Their solution is to do nothing. Denialism - which threatens to derail an already inadequate global response to Climate Change - is not a sideshow. It is mass delusion of the type that gripped European societies at the turn of the first millennium (1000AD) which many believed was to see the end of the world. Groups of flagellants (self floggers) and pilgrims wandered from place to place, visions were seen and mysticism became popular. The modern Denialists find fertile fields for recruiting devotees in rural districts and among ultra-conservative fundamentalists who already believe a series of conspiracy theories, including the American lunatic right LaRouche Movement and the Citizens’ Electoral Council (CEC). The latter’s claim that Climate Change is nonsense quotes former head of the Bureau of Meteorology William Kininmonth as an expert authority. Mr Kininmonth is not a climate scientist, and his views have respected in the scientific community. He was an administrator. Mr Kininmonth’s anti-climate change propaganda activity has been funded by oil company Exxon Mobil (see “High & Dry” by Guy Pearse). His views are described as “Rubbish” by former head of climate science at CSIRO Graeme Pearman. “He’s not an expert, he hasn’t tested his ideas in the open literature, that’s what scientists have to do.” Mr Kininmonth’s former boss at the Bureau of Meteorology John Zillman described his views as ‘seriously misleading’. Anyone interested in discovering who and what is behind the climate sceptics can go to Wikipedia, or simply Google “Climate Denialists” or visit my blog In it you will also discover that the Citizen’s Electoral Council is linked to the LaRouche organisation in the USA which believes the Queen and the Royal Family are drug pushers and are planning genocide. The CEC was originally created by the Australian League of Rights, an extreme right-wing and anti-Semitic organisation founded by Eric Butler who in December 1939, wrote: "The real enemy is not Hitler and Germany, but the powers which control Britain, and which are working for the complete bolshevisation of the nation." In a 1940 pamphlet he wrote: "A stream of Australian youth is leaving to be smashed to bloody pulp in the second war to 'save democracy', which like the first war, was fomented by Jewish International Finance, will be financed and controlled by the same group and will mean their undisputed world domination." In the 1960s the League infiltrated the National Party by using the Citizens Electoral Councils. This was successful in areas such as Gippsland, the Riverina, the Darling Downs, the Yorke Peninsula and the Western Australian wheatbelt. Butler claimed that Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt and John Curtin were covert communists.
These are the intellectual foundations of the plotters who are tearing apart the Liberal Party.
But the Denial Delusion is more than just fringe lunatic right wing fantasy. It is widespread and spreading fast.

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John Fast said...

I doubt if you are fooling anyone, although it is obvious that you know that's what you are trying to do. Sent any emails to East Anglia Uni's CRU lately? FYI, the deluded masses of 1000AD were those who believed the end of the world was nigh--like the modern warming alarmists--not those who didn't.