Thursday, June 26, 2014

Carbon Legislation, Clive Palmer and Chaos Theory

Australia's climate change laws are being changed.. The Government does not have control of the Upper House. So a small group of senators will decide what Australia's response to climate change. Their leader, billionaire miner Clive Palmer made a promise when he appeared with Al Gore on our tv screens last night. He said he would vote for an Emissions Trading Scheme when Australia’s trading partners take national action of the same type. How long must we wait for that to happen? Not long…

On a Government webpage headed “Countries acting now” we can read the following: “Australia's top five trading partners–China, Japan, the United States (US), the Republic of Korea and Singapore–and another eight of our top twenty trading partners (New Zealand, the UK, Germany, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Canada) have implemented or are piloting carbon trading or taxation schemes at national, state or the city level. Many countries have renewable energy targets, including fifteen of Australia's top twenty trading partners. Energy performance standards for appliances, buildings and industrial plants, as well as incentives for the use and development of low emission products and technologies are now widespread.”

Clive Palmer fits the definition  of "Chaos Theory in Lawmaking" - which means that, for all the strategy and planning and consultation that takes place, their is no logic to the process and no guarantee that what comes out the end of the process will resemble anything like the intention of the policy makers or anyone engaged in that process. Because it is a human process. Bismark is reported to have said that lawmaking is like sausage making. Love of the law or love of sausages can be soured instantly if one sees how they are made.

Clive Palmer could be the best thing that has happened. He said Al Gore changing his mind on Emissions Trading Systems. There's more change coming... Hold onto your hats.

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