Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dark satanic windmills?

Several months ago we were informed that 300+ wind turbines were going to be erected on the hilltops surrounding our peaceful valley. We had heard it on the grapevine, although those neighbours who had been signed up had been sworn to secrecy. The company crept into our valley and  set neighbour against neighbour.  The good news is that we have heard that several prominent farmers have withdrawn from the deal and that could be the end of it. Wind 'farms' are great on desolate landscapes that make them look like art. But not where people are living their lives. How many wind farm executives live within eyeshot of a wind farm? None? And they wave the results of public opinion surveys that tell us 75% of people like the idea of wind farms. If it is true that there are 900 turbines planned for the stretch between Wellington and Mudgee, and that is repeated in other places, the percentage in favour may slip dramatically. Carbon farming in the shadow of these dark satanic (wind)mills is not Nature's way. PS. Please dont call them 'farms'.

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