Saturday, May 05, 2012

The Money Tree

I am currently rushing to finish writing a book called "The Money Tree: How To Make Money Today From The Carbon Farming Initiative" which reveals to farmers how to make money by planting trees on their farms. They can earn Carbon Credits by planting native trees on degraded land to extract CO2 from the atmosphere. (New.) It's the first thing your average Joe farmer can do to get hold of some of this carbon money that will be soon sloshing around. We are changing the workshop program (An Introduction to Carbon Farming and Trading) to put more emphasis on the tree methodology because it is immediately available. The Money Tree includes chapters on a range of other money-making farm forestry activities such as growing sawlogs, fire wood, christmas trees, oil mallees, etc.. Properly integrated into a farm plan, trees can bring a long list of co-benefits - such as soil fertility, salt scarring, wind and rain erosion, shelter for stock, biodiversity and more. We hope to have it finished in a week or two. BTW: We are open to consider any contributions of useful text and photos.

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