Monday, February 07, 2011

Lal congratulates Carbon Coalition

Australia leads the world in carbon farming, according to Professor Rattan Lal, America's most respected soil carbon expert. "I think that Australia's Government and farmers are way ahead more so than the United States... The awareness of policy makers and the tremendous interest from the farming community with the Carbon Coalition group here which is incentivising its colleagues and members community into that. I think Australia is going to set an example to the world community on this type of carbon trading and farming carbon, where farmers can buy and sell carbon, and trade it, and make carbon in soil another income stream for them through carbon credit trading." Lal was in Australia for the Soil Carbon Summit staged by the US Studies Centre.

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Peter Donovan said...

Congratulations Michael on all your work. Keep it up!

best wishes from the Soil Carbon Coalition (Enterprise, Oregon, USA)

Peter Donovan