Wednesday, February 17, 2010


There are 4 markets available or coming available: 1. The “Cap and Trade” Compliance Market. That will commence when and if the Government is successful getting the CPRS passed by Parliament. “Compliance” because companies covered by the legislation must reduce their emissions to the level of the “Cap” or buy offsets. 2. The Regulated Voluntary Market. This market is to be used by companies and consumers wanting to voluntarily abate their emissions. It is regulated by a series of standards. Australia should have its first official voluntary market standard by July 2010. 3. The Unregulated Voluntary market. Buyer and seller come to a mutually agreeable arrangement. In the case of farm soil credits, the volumes tend to be small and the purchase deemed a form of ‘sponsorship’ by buyers, atype . 4. The Chicago Climate Exchange, Chicago, Ill. We took an order for 25,000 acres in 2006 and we are still waiting on the science.

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