Friday, March 06, 2009


MINISTER Tony Burke is a remarkable man.
He deserves our Thanks... for understanding what we understand. That there is something vast and universal just beneath the surface of the Earth. It has powers we barely can begin to comprehend. And that it is worth investigating.
He deserves our Thanks... for listening. The soil carbon world view requires a paradigm shift, not an easy thing to do on command. But you have opened your ears and eyes.
He deserves our Thanks...for acting boldly... It can't have been easy to launch what we believe is the largest soil carbon research program in the world today. There are many people against it.
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s commitment last year that the Government would investigate the benefits of soil carbon storage was a major victory for Australian Agriculture.
The investment of $20million in soil carbon says many things, most importantly, that soil carbon sequestration is not some lunatic fantasy. It is real. it will happen.
SO thank you Mr Burke and Thank You Mr Rudd...
(And thank you Mr Hunt and thank you Mr Turnbull (who took a merciless hammering over his support for soil carbon from Kerry O'Brien last week on the 7.30 Report. SHame on you, Kerry.)

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