Monday, February 12, 2007

The Carbon Coalition to launch a farmers' soil carbon trading arm

We believe farmers who grow soil carbon should get full value for their work. That's why we are structuring a company which will buy and sell Soil Carbon Credits on the voluntary and mandatory, wholesale and retail markets to corporates and consumers. It will also trade in other carbon offsets such as renewable energy projects,. etc. This will not be a vehicle for wealthy investors and merchant bankers, but the shareholders will be the farmers selling and the corporates and consumers buying the SCCs. This gives the people who made the market possible the opportunity to be rewarded for that. As well, it gives them access to trading on the broader market, something most farmers wouldn't normally do. This will build a legacy for them when soil carbon saturates on their land. The Carbon Coalition set out to achieve a market to change the fortunes of the family farm. Now the time is near. Carbon Farmers™, the future is yours. The time to sign up is now. Please register as a grower or buyer at

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