Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Makin' Carbon

This is what 2000 sheep can do to 10 acres in 24 hours. This is called animal impact. We let this lot dry off – the first shot taken in December.

Then we let them in mid March to eat what they can find and stomp the rest in to the ground, along with their poop and piddle. It is a natural tilling and fertilising effect.

Long periods of rest followed by high intensity grazing and disturbance is the white man’s way of encourag-ing the perennial pastures.

The perennials are deep-rooted and they aerate and fertilise soil and make it porous and spongey and more likely to hold water longer. The biomass beneath the soil is the secret carbon storage facility that out-performs forests.

And this is what it looks like 6 weeks later in late April (a non-growing season). Fresh grass growing green with no rain.

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