Sunday, November 29, 2009

This unique moment

The following is an edited version of a letter to the editor by Glenn Morris, 'Billabong', Inverell:

Never before in the history of Australian politics has there been a leader of a political party with such a comprehensive understanding of Australia’s water systems, soil health and climate security and the way they are interconnected as Malcolm Turnbull. At the time of writing this article Australia is in the fortunate position of having three leaders from different political parties that are genuinely concerned about the future of Australia, as well as future generations. Kevin Rudd, Malcolm Turnbull and Bob Brown have all identified the need to gradually transform society from one based on the exploitation of resources to a society based on the building of a regenerative enterprises.

At present in Australia we are witnessing temperatures that are breaking all records, we have a landscape denuded of permanent vegetation which is leading to a breakdown in the water cycle and water supplies and we have an alarming escalation of disease due to the loss of immunity which can only come from a healthy soil.
But even with all our vital natural ecosystem cycles in breakdown and the highest extinction rates the planet has ever seen, we have the same men that have denied us the truth for over a decade calling for business as usual.
I say this to the national and liberal party politicians that are supposed to be representing all Australians.
Not only are we dealing here in the bush with an increasingly warming climate (the warmest November on record) but we are also dealing with a water crisis that will very soon start to force many rural producers off the land, a situation that will flow very rapidly to the banking sector and food supplies.
There can be no more denial of the truth, the evidence of a poor understanding of natural processes and poor decision making are all around us.
This is ... a time where we need honest and intelligent leadership, men who understand the need to create a future based on regeneration of the earth’s ecosystems.
Men capable of making the decisions necessary to change the course of history, decisions like-
• Understanding that the great biological forces of nature can be influenced to either; create wild climate extremes or the idyllic conditions for life – by understanding that by enhancing plant growth we can restore the world's water cycles and help cool the earth's atmosphere.
• Supporting holistic landscape management - helping to restore the water storage capacity of the landscape re-charging the flow of fresh water down the nations’ rivers.
• Ensuring optimum human health and disease prevention by providing greater support for nutritionally superior natural farming systems.
• Encouraging the uptake of eco-agriculture around the world to enhance bio-diversity while at the same time increasing the production of highly nutritious food.

I call on all Australians to see the truth that surrounds around us, in regard to a changing climate and support our leaders and the changes necessary to create a sustainable society.

November 28th, 2009.

Glenn David Morris
Inverell, NSW.

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