Friday, November 27, 2009

2-day Soil Carbon Workshop Series: Dubbo and Moree

Dubbo 9th-10th December, 2009
Moree 14th-15th December, 2009

FarmReady certified (Genuine farmers receive 100% reimbursement)

2-day workshop $550 (includes a copy of the Carbon Farming Handbook, RRP $55)

To register, call (02) 6374 0329 or email

You can be part of the Climate Change Solution, improve your soils and the environment, and enjoy more satisfying farming.
You can. But what are the pitfalls and problems you could face? What are the risks? You can learn all that you need to know to make a safe decision about soil carbon. You will learn:

• What Soil Carbon is.
• How Soil Carbon is Made
• How Soil Carbon Builds
• How Trading Schemes Operate
• Your Responsibilities
• Risks For All Parties
• Price Potentials
• How Carbon Is Measured
• SCOT™ (Soil Carbon Optimising Tool) for Carbon Farming Planning

Soil Carbon is the key to natural farming success. It can reduce your input costs. It can restore your soil structure and reverse the effects of erosion. Put the billions of microbes in the soil to work for you. Join the thousands of land holders who have discovered the excitement of working with a healthy farming system.

To register, call (02) 6374 0329 or email

Taught By Carbon Farmers of Australia: The Soil Carbon Specialists:

The Principals of Carbon Farmers of Australia are Pioneers of Soil Carbon Education. They have been practicing “Carbon Farming” for a decade, living and working on their 1780 acre wool-growing property in the Central West of NSW.
• Campaigned since 2005 for farmers’ rights to sell carbon they grow in soils.
• Conducted the first study tour of the USA soil carbon industry in 2006
• Secured the first order for Australian agricultural soil from the Chicago Climate Exchange 2006.
• Made sales of Australian soil carbon credits in March 2007
• Organised the first “Soil Science Summits” between scientists and farmers 2007.
• Staged the world’s first Carbon Farming Conference, Mudgee 2007.
• Launched the first formal training program on soil carbon 2008.
• Wrote and published the first Carbon Farming Handbook 2009
• Helped secure $26 million in funds for research to make it easier to measure soil carbon for trade 2009.
• Appointed to FAO-organised rangelands and conservation farming advocacy groups (In USA) 2008/9

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