Tuesday, November 10, 2009

IPCC Lead Author plugs soil carbon offsets

DR DAVID KAROLY of Earth Sciences, Melbourne, declared for soil carbon offsets last night on 4 Corners: "Agriculture is also a massive opportunity in terms of not only reducing emissions but storing carbon through changes in agricultural practice because there are opportunities to store carbon in soils, or to store carbon through changes in vegetation." He was speaking on Sarah Ferguson's report "Malcolm and the Malcontents", first broadcast 9 November 2009.


Jill said...

Just a comment on the Barnaby Joyce/Tony Abbot Jesuit conspiracy article - bad taste & unnecessary. After making cogent comments on Joyce's idiocy & ignorance re. soil carbon, you undermine your own credibility when you stoop to irrelevant prejudice towards "Jesuits". I'm not & never have been a catholic, so I'm not pushing that barrow, but I think any call on lowest common denominator slurs demeans the person who utters them & certainly distracts from the issue at hand. So please maintain your usual standards & resist the cheap shots!


Michael Kiely said...

I agree, Jill. I have deleted the offending item and thank you for your wise counsel.