Saturday, November 07, 2009

Christine Jones is A Hero of the New Agricultural Revolution.

Christine Jones is a hero to many, many people. Even those who disagree with her theories cannot disregard her impact and the impetus she has given to the transition to sustainable agriculture in this country. At the Landcare conference in Yass a fortnight ago we presented Christine with a plaque to signify the important role she plays in the growing community coalescing around the philosophy of Natural Farming.

The dedication on the Plaque reads:

Dr Christine Jones risked all to realise her vision of the nation’s grasslands and farmland perpetually green and their soils rich with carbon. Her great compassion for the land and those who work on it led her to develop many successful theories to explain the rapid accumulaton of carbon in soil. Her ability to communicate the drama of the soil carbon story inspired many to dedicate their energy o the soil carbon solution in an era when they are most needed. Now. C

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