Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Soil Carbon Seminar Series Starts in Wambangalang

Wambangalang Environmental Education Centre,
Obley Road, Dubbo, NSW - 29th April, 2009 - 9.00am-5.00pm

The Future under Climate Change seems to be all BAD NEWS: higher costs, lower returns, higher temperatures, lower rainfall… But there is a lot of GOOD NEWS. And that is what you will hear at this Seminar on Soil Biology, Carbon Farming and Your Future.

NEW WAYS: There is a range of soil management practices that help with new conditions: • prevent erosion, • keep the topsoil cool and moist to attract microbes, • hold more water around the roots for longer • unlock natural nutrients in the soil, and • build carbon levels in the soil to enrich it…

NEW MARKETS: There will also be new markets and new commodities. • “Food Miles” will open local markets. • Trading schemes for soil carbon are emerging. • Learn how to measure your soil carbon and then do a “Whole Farm Carbon Budget” – an essential tool for the future.

NEW KNOWLEDGE: Hear how our soils in the Central West perform for carbon sequestration and get specialist advice on soil management. You will also hear about your farm’s Soil Biological Community and how it can be the source of all your success.

YOUR SPEAKERS: Dr Brian Murphy, Senior Soil Scientist, Department of Environment and Climate Change; John Lawrie, Soils Coordinator, Central West Catchment Management Authority; Michael & Louisa Kiely, Carbon Farmers of Australia; and After Dinner Speaker Dr Dean Revell, CSIRO, on sustainable grazing and native shrubs.

RSVP: 24/4/09 to John Lawrie - Call 6840 7804 or 0428 998 959

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