Saturday, April 25, 2009

Soil Carbon on Landline Sunday

Landline this week features a follow-up story on the Christine Jones item earlier in the year. It shows Dr Brian Murphy and the Central West CMA's John Lawrie taking soil samples, Louisa Kiely applying inoculant to pastures, Thea Ridley putting the soil samples under a microscope, and the moment of truth... will there be any microbial life to display for the camera. Col Seis also has a starring roll explaining pasture cropping. Several people were interviewed at the Carbon Farming Conference in Orange late last year.
This is a great opportunity to get the word out at a time when the Government is under maximum pressure and in need of friends. The soil carbon solution needs decision makers to have the courage to tackle the issue head on rather than relying on 'sound science' as a proxy for making decisions. (If you make 'sound science' the proxy for judgement, how do you judge the soundness of the science relied upon?)

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kowboy said...

Have a look @ the faces of the farmers an who practice this technique an see the smiles
Farms are starting to live again