Thursday, November 21, 2013

8. Collaboration speeds solutions

Problem:  The collaboration of scientists and farmers could speed the development of abatement methodologies by providing the process with complementary insights and a sense of urgency. As convenors of 9 gatherings of scientists and land managers – Soil Science Summits and Carbon Farming Conferences - since 2007, we have promoted the spirit of collaboration and knowledge exchange in order to speed the development of opportunities for farmers to contribute to the global response to climate change. Methodologies for biochar (chicken manure) and Soil Carbon are delayed by “business as ususal” time-frames required by scientists ‘writing’ official methodologies solo. Practical solution: set a deadline after consulting scientists about real world time scales. The Biochar and Soil Carbon methodologies are on the workbench, both potential sources of soil carbon offsets. Government could build multi-skilled teams for methodology development because it is much more than a scientific activity. It is a task that requires actuaries, commodity analysts, market economists, marketing experts, etc., and farmers. To help unpick the Gordian Knots that cannot be unpicked alone.

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