Thursday, November 21, 2013

3. A 25-year soil methodology

Problem: 100 Years is too long for most landholders, even with insurance/buffers. Even with a functioning Soil Carbon Bank underwriting tonnes of soil carbon 1:1, many will need convincing. Practical solution: 25 years, made up of 5 year rolling (renewable) contracts. Farmer commits for 5 years, and can decide to renew or not at each 5 year milestone. If they do not renew, they forfeit the tonnage held in trust and do not have to pay any of the principal back. 25 years is the average for soil undergoing a positive disequilibrium to reach a new steady state or saturation point. The objective of the exercise is to achieve the new steady state (carbon-charged landscape) by means of a change in behaviour by the landholder. The 5 year rolling contracts are the means on drawing the landholder into a journey: 1. New behaviour. 2. New experiences. 3. New knowledge. 4. New values. 5. New beliefs. 6. New culture. In 150+ gatherings with landholders across Australia this was the most favoured arrangement.

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