Thursday, November 21, 2013

12. Green Army smart application

Problem: Green Army funding not generating offsets: A unique combination of three elements of the Direct Action plan can create high returns for the Government’s investment in climate action. The three elements are: 1. The Green Army of 15,000 17-to-24-year-olds who will work in teams of 10; 2. The target number of trees to be planted in the Government’s current tenure, 20 million. 3. The CFI Environmental Plantings offset methodology that enables farmers to earn carbon credits for permanent plantings. Practical solution 1: Concept: many farmers find the cost of fencing, preparing the ground, buying the stem stock or seed stock, and planting too expensive, despite being willing to commit a piece of their land to a carbon planting. By bringing the two programs together, the farmers could be motivated to participate and the young volunteers could have some exposure to farm life. The permanence of the planting is guaranteed; enduring far longer than a weed clearance project.  In many rural districts there may not be many projects of the type described in the Direct Action brochure: walking tracks and board walks. The blending of the programs creates opportunities for farmer, volunteer and the Government/Community. Practical solution 2: Incorporate all planting activities into the CFI environmental plantings to earn offsets to help meet the 2020 target.

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