Monday, July 09, 2012

The first soil carbon methodology arrives

The first soil carbon meth has been published for public comment. It is a good example of the way meths can be made up from modules plucked from other people's work. This meth is submitted by a company from Queensland called GroundWorks, that sells a product called Ecoblanket® - a seeding method that involves compost and a spray technique. Its name says it all: a "Methodology for Quantifying Carbon Sequestration by Permanent Environmental Plantings of Native Species established through Direct Seeding, Planting or application of Ecoblanket® using the CFI Reforestation Modelling Tool [and Sample Testing for Soil Carbon] Prepared by Groundworks Pty Ltd". They started by taking the Government's own environmental plantings meth in (total), adding their seeding system and adding a soil carbon measurement system from a 2008 UNFCCC CDM reforestation and aforestation methodology (in total). The weakness in the soil carbon meth is that the crediting period is 20 years. That means you have to wait for 20 years to see a return. Too long for most people. PS. Clever approach to meth making. Like Duplo.


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