Sunday, July 01, 2012

Carbon Sunday: Judgement Day?

On a day in October 1844 in Ithaca, New York, a Baptist Minister and his parishioners gave away all their belongings and climbed to high places - hills, treetops, roofs-  -  to wait for the Second Coming. The Minister had calculated the day from the Book of Daniel. admitted that he'd made a mistake and recalculated a new date. The new date came and went. These good folk did not question their beliefs. They simply called the day The Great Disappointment and formed a religion: The Seventh Day Adventists. Fast forward 168 years. Today is Carbon Sunday. It could be a day of Celebration ora day of Calami. It depends upon belief that looks, smells and feels like religious belief.  Most people know very little about Global Warming. Only a tiny number are scientists. An even smaller number are genuine climate scientists. The rest of us can't spend the time studying the subject, so we have got to take someone's word for it. It's Blind Faith. How we feel about Climate Change will reflect how we feel about politics and religion. Fear and irrational beliefs create their own impulsion. Populations 'catch' them from each other. Both sides don't want facts except those that confirm our beliefs. They cant hear the other side's facts. The Deniers denied that Climate Change was happening... until it became too obvious. So they agreed it was happening, but denied CO2 was the cause. The Alarmists blamed it on "warming" until it appeared to be cooling at the same time. So they shifted to climate chaos. It's human nature to pick another date. And to climb up a tree. Happy Carbon Sunday.

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