Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Carbon Market experts go bush to advise the advisers

The largest gathering of Carbon Market experts ever assembled in regional Australia is being staged at Dubbo NSW 25-26 July, 2012. The Regional Carbon Market Summit brings the most experienced people in this new industry together to brief regional accountants, solicitors, insurers and advisers and their business clients.

“What will you say to your client when they ask you what this carbon market is all about and what does it mean for my business?” asks Convenor of the Summit, Louisa Kiely of Carbon Market Services. “The only sector of the economy that is guaranteed to prosper from carbon markets – no matter who wins the next election – is Regional Australia,” she says. “Both sides of politics are committed to regional carbon markets.”
The Summit aims to keep as much of the wealth generated by carbon market in the pockets of farmers and agribusiness and in the services they need. As a highly regulated market, there will be demand for investment advice, legal and accounting services as well as environmental engineering, auditing and measurement and commodity marketing services.
Anyone offering advice about carbon should be aware that the law requires that they have a Financial Services Licence because carbon offsets under the Carbon Farming Initiative are treated as financial instruments.
The speakers have been selected for their integrity as much as for their expertise, says Louisa Kiely.
Topics covered at the Summit include: • How does a carbon market work? • Who can trade? • Can I trade direct? • Why should I consider it for my business? • What potential returns are there?
Local Government has a central role to play and carbon-based waste management  strategies are explored and best practice identified.
The presence of speakers from the industry peak body Carbon Market Institute and other leading firms such as Climate Friendly and Norton Rose is proof that Regional Australia is considered important among city-based organizations – because so much of the activity will take place in the regions.
The Summit includes a 1-day Conference and a 1-day series of advanced workshops which allow participants to work through issues at close range.
The organizers of the Summit – Carbon Market Services – have been behind the successful Carbon Farming Conference for 7 years.

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