Friday, October 07, 2011

In defence of Scientists

Carbon Farmers Michael Kiely has spent six years disputing the science of soil carbon, claiming the scientific community is wrong. But he is a strong defender of scientists and their personal integrity, unlike many who dispute climate science. “They claim that climate scientists are faking their findings in order to grow rich. This is a joke. The sort of person who only wants to get rich doesn’t spend 10 years studying at university to come out with a PhD, lucky to get a job for $60,000.” A recent ABCTV Catalyst program revealed that scientist were receivind death threats from climate denialist. The program showed British Lord Christopher Monckton telling a howling crowd in Australia: “To the bogus scientists who have used the bogus science that invented this bogus scare, I say, we are coming after you, we are going to prosecute you, and we are going to lock you up.” Broadcaster Alan Jones has made inflammatory claims

“It should ring alarm bells for politicians who are whipping up hysteria about climate change that scientists are receiving death threats simply for doing their jobs,” he says. “The scientists that I deal with are genuine, honest, and more dedicated to being right than getting rich. Our complaint is that they are too conservative.”

“We rely on science to keep us up in the air in aircraft and to save the lives of our family members in hospital when they are ill. But when it comes to climate science, we think the opinions of some guy down the pub carries more weight than the findings of the majority of research scientists working in the field.”

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Dave Riley said...

I see nothing on your site that challenges the critique of Simon Fairlie. What gives? Are you too ideological to be open to scrutiny? Simon Fairlie devotes a whole chapter to your POV and finds it wanting.on the basis of science... He convinces me that you lack...substance.

I'd subsidise farmers and back tem full tilt ...but not on the basis quid pro quo for sequestration. You are over reaching the figures and have lost a supporter.

You are also hostile to your natural allies in the green movement.