Friday, October 07, 2011

Carbon Cocky of the Year victim of abusive emails/calls

John Ive, named National Carbon Cocky of the Year at the recent Carbon Farming Conference, reported on ABC Radio Country Hour NSW today that he had been subject to intimidating calls and emails. Mr Ive, who has been recognised by 25 awards over 30 years as a progressive farmer, speaks to many groups of farmers. He says the abuse has arisen over the issue of Climate Change. This intimidation and death threats received by scientists is disturbing. The mullas of the denial are so desperate to regain power that they are willing to destroy our peaceful democratic traditions that seperate us from cultures where political violence is standard procedure. Allan Jones, the Murdoch Press and the dog whistlers of the Parliament are giving people with extreme views permission to take extreme action. Hence scientists get death threats. We are entering a dark period of our history. I have faith in the good nature and peaceful instincts of the average Australian.

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