Friday, May 29, 2009

Tagasaste Bob Wins Inaugural GAIA Award

Carbon Coalition Counsellor Bob WIlson from WA won the first GAIA (Green Agriculture Innovation Award), selected by Dr Christine Jones. Bob, vice president of WA's Evergreen Farming Group, has earned the name "Tagasaste Bob" because of his work introducing new edible shrubs, including "Tagasaste" and other 'exotic' grasses such as native perennials (native to the eastern states) which grow well on the silver loams (ie. sand) in south western WA. Bob has been a guiding presence in the Carbon Coalition since we began 3 years ago. His award is recognition of his success as a pioneer. Bob's (and Tim WiIey's) work in adaptive grazing management has given hope to the farmers of the region and beyond. Well done, Bob.

PS. Christine Jones received a generous donation from businessman Alan Hill to establish the award hich will run for 5 years.

Photo:Minister for Agriculture Tony Burke was present to see Bob given his award at the Dinner as part of the 10th National Business Leaders Forum on Sustainable Development, held at Parliament House last night. Christine Jones is seen in the background.

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