Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bravo, Ken Bellamy - Soil Carbon Trading Pioneer

Prime Carbon, the pioneer of the regional soil carbon trading model, has been slogging through an intense negotiation process with the Department of Climate Change's Dr Bill Slattery to refine a trading model that would enable soil carbon to be traded on the voluntary market. Bill is head of agriculture in the DCC and has said we need to demonstrate that we want it enough before we will achieve our aim. The negotations have resolved Bill's issues with the model and he has referred Ken Bellamy - the Carbon Coalition member who has invested heavily in this development work - to the Secretary of the Department.
Meanwhile, the targeted microbial formulations for nutrient transfer in agriculture developed by Ken's company Vital Resource Management Pty Ltd (VRM) have been accredited to The Australian Technology Showcase. The Showcase is a joint State and Federal Government program to promote leading-edge Australian technology Globally. To become accredited to the Showcase this technology has demonstrated to an independent assessment panel that it is: . Clearly innovative . Scientifically credible . Developed with significant local content . Commercially attractive . Demonstrably marketable and exportable . Socially and environmentally beneficial. Ken's regional trading model engages local communities, waste management services, big polluters, farmers, and local government organisations in a mutually rewarding process. The products which grow out of this accreditation are also approved on the Prime Carbon list of approved products as catalysts for soil carbon sequestration.

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