Monday, May 25, 2009

Please take some grassroots action - read the Draft Standard

and make some comments...

THe American farmers' groups who have developed the Agricultural Soil Credit Standard are appealing to those with an interest to comment on it. Australian farmers have an interest in this Standard because of the global political environment in which the USA is flying the flag for Agriculture worldwide. Agriculture relies on grassroots action to see change. This standard is to be submitted to the US Government by the Iowa and Illinois Corn Growers Associations.

Click here for access to a pdf copy of the Draft Standard.

The group developed this standard to validate soil-based carbon offset methodologies and systems that can be broadly accepted. The standard used elements from ISO 9001, ISO Guide 65 and National Organic Program (NOP).

>> The comment period will last only until June 26, 2009

>> Please direct all comments to Gary DeLong, Managing Director of Novecta, by email.

His address is:

>> Comments should be noted by page number and section as appropriate.

>> The comments will be assembled into a matrix format for review by the committee and any others who are interested in doing so.

>> At the conclusion of the comment period the comments will be review by the committee and then submitted to United States Department Agriculture (USDA) for review.

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