Friday, July 18, 2008

Soil Carbon Alliance formed

Andre Leu (Organic Federation of Australia), Chris Rochfort (CORE), Eric Love (CORE), Michael Kiely (Carbon Coalition) and Louisa Kiely (Carbon Coalition) forming the Soil Carbon Alliance.

We make each other stronger.

Three major agricultural and environmental bodies have joined forces to urge the Commonwealth Government to remove the blockage to the world’s largest terrestrial carbon sink and avoid the ‘major damage’ to Australia’s economy and environment predicted by the Garnaut Report and the Government's Green Paper on "Carbon Pollution".

The Carbon Coalition has joined forces with organics industry peak body, the Organic Federation of Australia (OFA), and environmental research and marketing experts, the Centre for Organic Resource & Enterprise (CORE), to form the Soil Carbon Alliance.

"We welcome allies in this campaign, and Eric, Chris and Andre are energetic, make-it-happen people who have forged solid reputations in the recycling and organic industries. We find common ground in carbon farming," says Coalition Convenor Louisa Kiely.

Andre Leu claims that Organic Farming has been "Carbon Farming" all along. This may be. Certainly Christine Jones's paper in the July Farm Journal indicates that she sees Carbon Farming trending towards the organic: "The soil conditions required for humification are diminished in the presence of herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, phosphatic or nitrogenous fertilisers..." Rapid uptake of non-labile humic fractions is the key to the new 'turbocharged' carbon farming.

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