Thursday, July 17, 2008

National Soil Carbon Strategy

A DRAFT of a National Soil Carbon Strategy is posted on this blogsite, can be found at, and is being circulated by email for comment and input among those who believe Soil Carbon Sequestration is an important solution to Climate Change. It aims to provide a framework for action that supports the efforts of the Carbon Coalition. It is an initiative of the newly formed Soil Carbon Alliance, an umbrella body that aims to add weight to our standing and strength to our arm. We believe it can help us all project a more substantial image at this critical time in our history. (Read about the Alliance in the next post.)

NB. Open Grants for Caring For Our Country

To assist as many submissions that support the soil carbon solution, the Carbon Coalition has formulated a statement that can be attached to them to alert the assessors to the fact that your project meets the Government’s preferred model:
• “In particular, we are looking for applications for projects or programs that demonstrate integration of approaches and issues and partnerships between key players, such as regional groups, community, industry, government and non-government organisations.”
• “Caring for our Country Open Giants are encouraging larger scale integrated projects or programs or activities… “
• “Eligibility Requirements: larger scale projects which have the capacity to achieve significant outcomes are preferred…”

Conditions for Use of Alignment Statement

There are only two conditions: 1. That you send us an email describing how your project is aligned with the National Soil Carbon Strategy. 2. That you agree to incorporate any soil carbon data arising from your project in the National Soil Carbon Database. (See within for description.)


National Soil Carbon Strategy

This project is aligned with the National Soil Carbon Strategy proposed by the Soil Carbon Alliance. Under this alignment (project owners) undertake to supply soil carbon data arising from this project to be incorporated into the National Soil Carbon Database.

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