Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Carbon Farmers of Australia makes historic first soil credit sale

The first money changed hands for soil carbon in Australia on the 6th of March, 2007. Samantha Meadmore-Jewel, Organic Food Research and Development Executive for The Lovely Pancakes Restaurant Group, made the first ever purchase of Australian soil credits on the 6th of March when she bought Australian Farm Soil Credits from Carbon Farmers of Australia.

We have since made other sales, but we especially celebrate this first - through our online site http://carbonfarmers.blogspot.com - because it made history. It proved the naysayers wrong. It started the ball rolling towards soil sequestration and struck a blow against global warming... And it has shaken up the market. It has been since the 6th of March that the momentum has been building.

The Pancake Parlour’s plans to use the involvement with soil sequestration have expanded to form a campaign on the subject involving an educational program via the tables of the 10 The Pancake Parlour outlets in Victoria. For parents with small children, colouring sheets with comic strip format explanations for parents on the flip side, feature simple explanations and diagrams introducing difficult topics such as global warming and photosynthesis… they are brilliantly designed.

For the customer who is interested there are web links listed to follow via The Pancake Parlour website if they should wish to also sponsor the Carbon Coalition and a 3 page leaflet of extensive information taken from Dr. Christine Jones’, soil ecology notes with her web address to further get all the information they want. There will be a poster and eventually table cards will be positioned for a short time to further direct the less child oriented customers. This will surely impact the weekly 25,000 customers that visit The Pancake Parlours and spread the word about soil C and Climate Change.

Congratulations Lovely Pancakes. A true leader. Lovely!

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