Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Australian Farmers start their own emission trading scheme

Australia's farmers have stolen a march on the Prime Minister and started their own emissions trading scheme. Carbon Farmers of Australia have started selling "Australian Farm Soil Credits" to Australians wanting to strike a blow against global warming.

"We are a farmer-run enterprise dedicated to giving farm families a new revenue stream out of the biggest commodity market in history: the carbon market," says Michael Kiely of Carbon Farmers.

"Sales have started already, with no promotion. The demand is there," says Mr Kiely. "We already have 20 farmers on our books sequestering soil carbon to meet demand. We're not waiting for governments. Markets don't need government approval."

The trade is entirely online, with sales being made on www.adoptafarmer.com.au and farmers recruited on www.carbonfarmersofaustralia.com.au.

Carbon Farmers of Australia is selling carbon credits for $25/tonne, most of which goes to the farmer. "Buyers will know where their tonne is and who grew it. They can even come out and visit it."

Carbon Farmers of Australia is the trading arm of the CArbon Coalition Against Global Warming, a farmers' movement which has campaigned since 2005 for soil carbon credit trading.

"In 2003 Treasury advised the Treasurer Peter Costello to introduce an emissions trading scheme. Here in 2007, we have a task force looking into it. With gross emissions rocketing higher than in 2003 and running away, the Australian Government finally admits it has failed on Climate Change by rushing through a range of kneejerk reactions such as lightbulb replacement and rainforest projects in Asia. How can anyone say they are serious about Climate Change?"

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