Thursday, August 24, 2006

More power companies call for credits trading

Power companies in Australia and the US have gone public in favour of carbon trading systems. The Australian Gas Light Co., the nation's largest energy retailer, which also owns power plants, said the States' proposed trading system is "positive'' because it gives an incentive to curb emissions, says Managing Director Paul Anthony. Origin Energy set the pace for support by its membership of the Business Roundtable on Climate Change which has also called for regulation. The two biggest power companies in the US, Duke Energy Corp. and Exelon Corp., have called for federal regulation of carbon emissions to help guide power-plant development, reports the international Bloomberg news service. Power plants emit 39% of all greenhouse gases in the US.

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Poster said...

Dear Michael and Carbon Coalition Members,

I was wondering if there was an opportunity for you to partner with and get them to plant trees through your network?

I saw an ad in the Open Road asking for donations and thought that perhaps Carbon Coalition network could take the money and leverage its carbon network to offset the carbon emmissions of cars?

Keen on comments?