Friday, August 26, 2011

“We won’t abolish the Carbon Farming Initiative”: Opposition

The Carbon Farming Initiative is safely home and hosed. It is now law after passing through the Senate and the House of Representatives for the last time this week. The Opposition announced that it would not repeal the CFI: “We will not be abolishing the bill,” said Shadow Minister Greg Hunt on Tuesday. “It is important to give this message to potential actors and investors in the space.” It should be remembered that the Opposition endorsed Carbon Farming before the Government announced the CFI. The promise to “seek a better and more workable agreement in relation to the concept of permanence’ is welcome. “The 100-year rule will ultimately be self-defeating and destructive…” said Mr Hunt. We agree.

NFF supports Carbon Farming Initiative: NFF president Jock Laurie has been a supporter of Carbon Farming since we first briefed him in 2006 when he was with NSW Farmers Association. He said the NFF had been broadly supportive of the concept and intent of the CFI from the outset. “We have long said that voluntary, market-based mechanisms, using a carrot rather than a stick approach to carbon abatement, is the best way to engage with farmers in this challenge. The CFI fits this description,” he said.

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