Monday, August 29, 2011


Trading under the CFI begins in November this year. That is why ‘preparing to trade’ is a central theme of this year’s Carbon Farming Conference. We have secured expert speakers from the global world of carbon trading and the highest levels of the Government.

James Schultz knows how to get the money flowing from international carbon markets. James, Director of GreenCollar Climate Solutions, has worked for the World Bank, the African Union and the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization, in setting up climate change adaptation/mitigation strategies and environment and natural resource management investment programs.

He will answer key questions like: What does a farmer need to know? What is "Greenhouse Gas Accounting"? Trading Experience- who has traded, and in what, and what are the results?

Shayleen Thompson is an insider. She was Australia’s lead negotiator on land issues on the Kyoto Protocol. She is First Assistant Secretary, Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency.

Shayleen is the head of the Land Division which is responsible for delivering Australia’s national accounts for carbon emissions, leading on land issues in the international negotiations, implementing the Carbon Farming Initiative. She will reveal how farmers can get involved, what a methodology is, who can submit one, which methodologies have been submitted already, who has started to trade, who will buy?

Freddy Sharpe is CEO of Climate Friendly, Australia’s leading carbon management business. Freddy knows how to create offsets and sell them – or “delivering easy and innovative carbon solutions to businesses and individuals.” He will explain what a carbon exchange is and how it works, carbon credits trading for farmers, aggregation (ie. who do you deal with), where brokers fit in, how much middlemen take, and what to expect.

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