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Offset methodologies

Offset projects established under the Carbon Farming Initiative will need to apply methodologies approved by the Government. These will contain the detailed rules for implementing and monitoring specific abatement activities and generating carbon credits under the scheme.

Methodologies can be developed and proposed by private project proponents, as well as government agencies.

The Australian Government is working with industry and other stakeholders, state government officials and technical experts to develop offset methodologies that have broad application. These methodologies are expected to be approved and rolled out progressively from April 2011.

An independent expert committee, the Domestic Offsets Integrity Committee, has been established to assess offset methodologies proposed under the scheme and provide recommendations to the Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency on their approval. The committee will ensure that methodologies are rigorous and lead to real abatement.

Once approved, Carbon Farming Initiative methodologies will be published on this website.

Submitting a methodology for assessment

The proposed process for assessing Carbon Farming Initiative methodologies is outlined in the consultation paper and draft methodology submission guidelines.

Interested stakeholders are invited to provide feedback on the assessment process and guidelines as part of their submission on the Carbon Farming Initiative design by 21 January 2011, or separately by email to

Methodology development

The Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency and the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry are working with industry to develop offset methodologies that have broad application.

This work is being progressed through a number of methodology work streams, including:

  • Soil carbon and biochar;
  • Reforestation, forest management and avoided deforestation;
  • Savanna fire management;
  • Landfill gas recovery;
  • Manure management; and
  • Management of methane from livestock.

Technical working groups comprising representatives of expert and practitioner groups are being established by the departments to review current scientific knowledge, determine any requirements for additional research and finalise methodologies under each work stream.

For further information on the working groups contact

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