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The Soil Carbon Data Register & Casebook

The Soil Carbon Data Register & Casebook


I would like your opinion on the following. Would you contribute data?

We are sitting on an unleveraged advantage - all the case study data gathered routinely in the course of business. On their own they may not carry much weight - but as a body of work - cases from every state, every type of farming and grazing - the sheer weight of numbers begs the question - why the gap between scientific reaility and on-farm reality?

This is very important now as the voluntary carbon standard is being finalised.


MIchael Kiely
Carbon Coalition Against Global Warming

Why should the other side have all the data?
After the Farm Institute’s Mick Keogh delivered yet another damning presentation on the prospects of soil carbon trading recently, we asked him could he find one positive thing to say about it. He replied: “Show me the data.”
WE have data – lots of it. IT’S TIME we showed it to them.
Send your data to the Soil Carbon Data Register…

The Soil Carbon Data Register is a central database of results from on-farm trials and routine sampling commissioned by farmers.
It aims to highlight the performance of farmers who can increase soil carbon levels in their soils faster and higher than the science community has achieved.
The sheer weight of numbers of cases showing higher results would raise the question: why?
Scientific studies fail to reproduce the results farmers can achieve because they lack the farmer’s skill in managing soils and because they have yet to study biological practices which are delivering dramatically higher results than ever before.
As a result, the only ‘science’ that is presented to politicians and decision-makers is that which ‘proves’ that soil carbon can only be increased extremely slowly, if at all.
This issue is important in the next few months because the details of the National Carbon Offset Standard (which will allow the soil carbon offset market to commence) are being finalized.
The Soil Carbon Data Register will be used to support the reality of soil carbon.
The following information will be needed:
Name of Farmer:
Name of Property:
Area Involved:
Soil Management Practices:
Soil Carbon Results:
Name of Soil Laboratory:

By contributing you data you are giving us the ammunition we have been needing for so long.
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