Saturday, May 01, 2010

CSIRO optimistic, but Malcolm T set the pace for passion

Several delegates to the invitation-only Soil carbon Workshop for Research, Industry, Policy ad Market Stakeholders in May referred to the Carbon Coalition in their brief position paper they were asked to submit. We stand accused of formenting 'unrealistic expectations', using 'a lot of rhetoric', making 'over-optimistic claims', and being 'dogmatic and anti-scientific'.
We make no apology for shaking the sleepwalkers. In 2006 Mike Steketee could not have written what he wrote in today's Australian about the CSIRO:

"Perhaps the government will get serious about exploring the potential to offset carbon emissions by putting carbon into the soil through improved land management and innovations such as biochar. The CSIRO has estimated that an extra one billion tonnes of carbon can be stored in Australian soils and vegetation each year for the next 40 years, which alone could offset all of Australia's annual emissions."

We were also described as 'passionate advocates'. But the person with a passion for soil carbon who turned the tables for Agriculture is Malcolm Turnbull. Welcome back, Mr T.

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