Friday, September 18, 2009


RALLY TO THE CAUSE - IT'S CRUNCH TIME: The only governments contemplating forcing Agriculture into a punitive cap & trade system to reduce methane and N2O are Australia and NZ. Meanwhile the December Copenhagen Round of Talks could change the game. The USA has negotiated with the UN FAO, the World Bank, the EU, etc. to have Agriculture removed from the Kyoto Protocols and treated separately. The reason: Food Security. These world powers fear major wars will break out over access to land and water within 50 years... We must buy some time... Professor Rattan Lal says we can remove the equivalent of 50 parts per million CO2. WE MUST PUT MAXIMUM PRESSURE ON OUR GOVERNMENT TO JOIN OBAMA'S PUSH TO PRESS THE BUTTON ON SOIL CARBON CREDITS.

YOU CAN DO THAT BY SUPPORTING THE CARBON FARMING CONFERENCE: The 2009 Carbon Farming Conference & Expo is on at the National Field Day Site at Borenore near Orange on the 4th-5th November, 2009. Highlights will be *Peter Andrews*
(Natural Sequence Farming) and *Maarten Stapper* (ex-CSIRO) - both seen on AUSTRALIAN STORY on ABTV - both heretics of
conventional agricultural science. Peter talks about how water can be managed in the landscape to grow soil carbon and Maarten will describe how soil biology is the primary source of carbon in soils. Also inventor *Gary Lewis* from Canada is bringing his "BioAgtive" device which converts tractor exhaust to a carbon-rich fertiliser and buries it with the seed as it is sown. There will also be the launch of an association called *Ecological Agriculture Australia* and the "Soil-Food-Human
Health" link will be exposed by author *Dr Carole Hungerford*. The gap between city and country is closing via the "Farmer-To-City-Cousins" fresh food program called FoodConnect, brainchild of *Robert Pekin*. With our success in getting $26m in research funds for soil carbon, the CSIRO's *Dr Jeff Baldock* will explain how research will make trading in soil carbon offsets more likely. *Dr Brian Murphy* will reveal his "Matrix" measurement solution and Professor *Alex McBratney's* "on-the-fly" Near-Infrared Spectroscopy will be demonstrated. Newly-appointed Sydney U.*Professor John Crawford* reveals his theory that soil is 'sentient' and acts somewhat like an organism.
(And the Carbon Cocky Competition needs entrants.)
FOR A BROCHURE CALL 02 6374 0329 (

EXPO: There is lots of exhibition space. We chose the site for that reason. Now we need exhibitors.
FOR A BROCHURE CALL 02 6374 0329 (

SPONSORSHIP: There are special sponsorship opportunities...
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ANDREWS WITHOUT A BULLDOZER: IT'S CALLED "LANDSMANSHIP": a new term to describe an almost 'hands off'
approach to farm landscape and soil health. Paul Newell, a long-time colleague of Peter Andrews, has developed his ideas over
40 years. They are outrageous, but they work. He breaks down and destroys ecological units in order to see what will remedy the situation. Paul Newell will speak at the Soil Carbon Farming Conference.

CAN YOU MAKE WATER FROM AIR? Just tooling about with the formulae for the process of photosynthesis, as you do, Ken Bellamy noticed that there was a Hydrogen atom left over after the two distinct stages of capturing the CO2 and converting it. This led to a curious discovery which has the scientists racing to confirm it scientifically.. Ken Bellamy will speak at this year's Soil Carbon Farming Conference.

THANK YOU for your support - it has been inspirational. Rural Press's Science & Environment Editor Matt Cawood said he believes it is now inevitable that we will win. We wish we felt so confident. The closer we get to the line the more desperate the attempts to derail the solution have become.

WE NEED YOUR HELP - we're not asking for charity. You can show your support by coming to the Conference ($225 for 2 days),
enrol in the half day seminar ($145), become a sponsor (which starts at $1000), take an exhibition stand (start at $550), advertise in the Carbon Farming Handbook (starts at $650) or purchase of the Conference Edition of the Handbook ($55).

You'll get an unforgettable experience. You can get out of bed each morning knowing you are saving the planet - what an awesome feeling. Call us on 02 6374 0329 or email



PS. Please pass this on. NOVEMBER IS CRUNCH TIME - we must send our Government to Copenhagen
willing to join the rest of the world in a soil carbon solution.

PPS.Do you know a company, wealthy individual or philanthropic trust that would value the work that we do and entertain an
approach for support? Please let us know.

PPS. To you, for your help, you are the apple of God's/Gaia's eye.

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