Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hooray for the NSW Farmers' Association

Hooray for the NSW Farmers' Association. It has a soil carbon policy:

"NSW Farmers’ Association is calling on the Government to exclude Agriculture from emissions liability under the CPRS and to investigate policy that would enable farmers to sell carbon credits created in soil, crops and pasture." (The NFF is not so definitive in its support.)

The NSW Farmers' Association's former president Jock Laurie was the first industry figure to endorse the Carbon Coalition's stand on soil carbon credits. Despite this, the Association was unable to get a motion up at Conference, due to the grumpy old denialists clogging the Association's debates. We presented new President Charles Armstrong with a copy of the Carbon Farming Handbook at Gulgong during his recent western whistle-stop tour.

The Association has a membership drive on - as sign of the times. Support the Association that supports soil carbon credits.

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