Monday, September 22, 2008

Questions for Soil Carbon Sceptics

Some soil carbon sceptics demand that the we provide the data to support our claims. (Hard to do that when there has been no investment in studying genuine Carbon Farming until recently, so we are in the 3-to-5 year trials-to-peer-reviewed-article cycle.)

Meanwhile those making these requests make statements without providing evidence.

Please provide data that supports your contention that:

1. soil carbon is difficult to measure for the purposes of trading?

2. the only way to increase soil carbon in soil under crops is to increase inputs of organic matter?

3. the Nitrogen 'tied up' in humus can only be supplied by fertilisers?

4. it is difficult to increase carbon levels in cropped soils, no matter what soil management regime is employed?

5. the carbon market is atypical and the price of carbon will remain at around $20?

These questions deserve answers.

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