Monday, September 15, 2008

The New Cash Crop

2008 Carbon Farming Expo & Conference
18-19 November, 2008
Orange NSW


What a difference a year makes! Soil Carbon is now squarely on the national agenda and, with Methane at least, the science is going the farmer’s way for once. (Dr Richard Eckard, Australia’s top farm emissions scientist, will be speaking at the Conference.)
The early soil C data is coming in from trials which started 18 months ago. Tim Wiley has some exciting data from WA – with significant amounts sequestered. Tim will report at the Conference.
We are meeting with senior scientists to see if we can have a special announcement at the Conference about a trading system like that of the CCX in Chicago. At the same time CSIRO’s Dr Jeff Baldock is working on a “Catchment Calculator” for making the trade possible. He will be speaking at the Conference.
We believe that a voluntary trading scheme will be launched at the Conference. There are rumors going around and we have negotiated with the scheme’s developers to stage the launch with us.
Another launch planned for the event is called Soil-C-Central, our mega-website which will eventually have every piece of information and advice about Soil Carbon that we can locate in the world. The draft site has been delivered and we are proceeding quickly to be ready for late November.

We hope we see you in Orange on 18th-19th November. WE also have opportunities to promote services and products via exhibiting and/or sponsoring this unique event.

Your support is critical to success.

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Michael Kiely

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