Monday, July 09, 2007

I am standing for Parliament for soil carbon

In the last week I sent this letter to my friends and associates:


Is it just me or are you also worried that our governments are taking far too long to deal with climate change?
I am standing in the next Federal Election as a Climate Change candidate for the seat of Parkes in NSW. I despair of the current government's commitment or even understanding of the issue. I'm not sure the alternative is full bottle on the subject either. While I don't expect to be elected, I do believe the electorate deserves a chance to send a message to the government, whichever party wins.

I explain our platform down below. but before i do, I will break all the rules of direct mail and tell you up front what I was hoping you could help me with. To register as a political party and have our name on the voting paper, we need 500 signatures and names. We are close, but not there yet. I have asked before and you may have done so already. Our Privacy regime doesn't let me know. The party is called the Climate Change Coalition.

Patrice Newell started the Coalition and is standing for the Senate. Tedd Noffs' son Matt isalso standing, among others.

I am asking you to consider sending in a completed membership form (below). It costs nothing. I commits you to nothing You don't have to vote for us. But it enables us to stand and fight this election.

Our main platform is this: Stop asking the question, "Is CLimate Change Real?" For the sake of our kids and ourselves, let's plan for the worst and hope for the best. Let's assume it's real and prepare for it like taking an insurance policy. AND, if Climate Change is real, then it's not just an issue. It is the issue. We have to look at every aspect of life, every portfolio of government and ask how will Climate Change affect us? How can we cope with it?

BUSINESS - Where will we be able to do business?
HOUSING - Where will we be able to live?
TRANSPORT - How will we travel, how far and how often?
COMMUNICATIONS - How will we get by when freak storms disrupt communications and transport networks.
FOOD SECURITY - Where will we source our food from?
ENERGY SECURITY - Where will we generate our energy?
HEALTH - How we can deliver health services in disrupted situations? How will we serve the rural areas when health resources are diverted to crisis zones in metro areas? What new diseases will emerge?
INDUSTRY POLICY: Where will industries be situated? What new industries will emerge and what will they need?
DEFENCE- How do we deploy our defence forces to manage the climate change refugees coming down from Asia and across the Pacific?
HOMELAND SECURITY - What refugee policy will be best suited for the future? What threat does eco-terrorism hold?
FOREIGN POLICY - What defence alliances and diplomatic arrangements will serve us best?
EDUCATION - What new skills do we need as individuals? What new courses and changes to existing courses will we need?
AGRICULTURE - How do we harness the skills of farmers to build new productive capacity into our farming systems?
MINING - What technologies can we develop to use less water?
FISHERIES - What changes to fish stocks will occur?
TRADE - What partners will we have in a C-challenged world?
ARTS - Howwill the role of the Arts change in a carbon challenged world?

If you've already joined, THANK YOU
If you cant join for any reason, WE UNDERSTAND
If you can help us out the details are at the end of Patrice's email.
If you want to help ,me win the seat of Parkes, please get in touch.

Thank you for your forbearance.


PS.If you can, please pass this along to friends who you know are potential members.

PPS. In case you think we're stealing from the Greens, Bob Brown himself said he understands that not everyone concerned with environment issues can bring themselves to vote Green. So we are an acceptable alternative.

PPPS. I am primarily doing this to push home the soil carbon credits story in the media. Onwards!

Begin forwarded message:

From: "Patrice Newell"
Date: 8 July 2007 7:35:23 PM
To: "Michael Kiely"
Subject: Climate Change Coalition

We have decided to register the name Climate Change Coalition as a political party and if successful, I may stand as a NSW candidate in the Federal election.

The day the Federal election is called, is cut off time for registration. As we don't know when it will be, we've been advised by the electoral commission to register as soon as possible.

Registration involves having 500 legitimate members. The electoral commission will phone approximately 10% of those named to check legitimacy.

So, we are seeking 500 foundation members.

And we'd like those of you who have supported the efforts of CCC to be the foundation members at no cost. We hope you, your family and friends will see value in this development.

Members need to be citizens, registered to vote, and can live anywhere in Australia.

To join Climate Change Coalition please download the membership form attached.*

complete the application and either:

1. Send it by mail to:
Climate Change Coalition
153 Wollombi Road
Cessnock NSW 2325

2. Email completed form back to me

3. Fax completed form to: 02 4998 6168

*CALL 02 6374 0329 AND I'LL FAX IT TO YOU.

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